10 Most Popular Nursery rhymes of All time

The older we become, the more we realize that childhood was perhaps the best period in our life. There were no regrets of the past, no worries of the future; just singing, dancing and playing. And there is one thing in Childhood that we all had in common; Nursery Rhymes.

I can still remember my Mum reading me all those Nursery Rhymes and lullabies which I would reiterate out loud. It was such a great experience. These kids rhymes are perhaps our first encounter with the world of literature and imagination.

Times, however, have changed. Kids are no more interested in the textual context. They have been exposed to the world of display animations, so nothing short of such video platforms satisfies them.  Seldom, I see Mothers using Nursery Rhymes  and baby songs videos to entice their kids to eat their food. Looks like these Rhymes videos have become a one stop solution for all such worried mothers.

I have listed in this article 10 most popular Nursery Rhymes of all time. You might disagree with some of the inclusions but this is the best possible list I can come up with.


1.Baba black sheep

One of the most famous and perhaps the simplest Nursery Rhymes of all time; Baba Black Sheep has a single stanza making it extremely easy for kids to remember and master. The lyrics:

Baa baa Black sheep have you any wool?

Yes Sir! Yes Sir! three bags full

One for the master and one for the dame

And one for the Little boy, who lives down the lane.


2. Twinkle Twinkle Little star

Twinkle Twinkle Little star, How I wonder what you are! Such a nostalgic feeling that this stanza contains. It brings back all my childhood memories. Perhaps the first nursery rhyme that I was told; this rhyme should be amongst the first nursery rhymes that your kid should be learning. Watch and enjoy 


3. Hickory dickory dock

It is more of a song than a Nursery rhyme, but again its very easy to remember and contains very pleasant voice tones. The music, the character of mouse and the graphics; all three make it all the more enjoyable


4. Jack and Jill

Another very old Nursery Rhyme which is very popular around the world. This rhyme is a bit modified but offers some great lesson for the kids like they should never give up and always stay strong in face of difficulties and adversities.


5. Humpty Dumpty

Ask any kid around the world and he would know surely about Humpty Dumpty. Perhaps one of the most famous and well known English rhyme in the world; it revolves around a fat egg liked character of the 18th century England who fell from the wall and broke his head.


6. Itsy Bitsy Spider

Also known as Incy Wincy Spider, it depicts the adventure of a spider while its’ journey through a waterspout. It is one of the few nursery rhymes which also offers finger play


7. Rain Rain go away

A very popular nursery rhyme with a beautiful soundtrack and stunning graphics. If your kid is not listening to you or not finishing his lunch, turn it on and watch the miracle, trust me.


8. Five little Monkeys

The list for the most famous Nursery Rhymes would be incomplete without ‘ Five Little Monkeys’. A very engaging, short and melodious kids rhyme.


9. Old MacDonald had a farm

Again a nostalgic nursery rhyme about a farmer named MacDonald who had many animals on his farm. The eya eya ooo still resonates in my mind like I am  listening to this in 1997. Every kid knew this nursery rhyme back in our days. Its a must watch for your kid because the way the song changes with the name of the animal and the respective sounds; it can be very educational for your child.


10. Mary had a Little Lamb

A nineteenth century nursery rhyme with melodious repetitions. This rhyme is about a girl Mary who had a pet lamb and she adored her so much that she took him to the school one day.



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